14 Jun, 2024

Best Fun Activities for Kids at a Farm Cottage Stay in Tasmania

Tasmania is a beautiful city best known for its natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes and rural ambience. From the rugged peaks of mesmerising mountains to blue beaches of the East Coast, the diversity of Tasmania makes it a perfect place for blissful getaway. However, if you are planning for unforgettable holidays with your kids, look no further than a farm cottage stays. There are a plenty of options in the city that offers an enriching, tranquil and delightful experience for children and the entire family. Farm cottages are known for providing the combination of comfortable stay with the fun and learning activities about the farm life. The kids of all ages will definitely enjoy their vacation in the rural or farm setup. Here are some of the best fun activities to get your kids involved in whenever you plan a farm cottage stay in Tasmania:

Exciting Interaction with Farm Animals

Most people in Australia opt for this type of accommodation for their kids because of its fun and exciting activities. This means children can feed chickens, goats, cows, collect eggs, pet goats and even milk cows. These fun interactions let kids know about the animal care while providing them a sense of joy. In fact many farmstays offer safe and sound pony rides which can a thrilling activity for you and your kids.

Scavenger Hunts and Unforgettable Nature Walk

Another fun activity for kids is scavenger hunts and nature walks. Since farm cottages are fringed with beautiful and lush-green natural wonders, making them perfect to explore the true beauty. Give your kids with a list of items to search for, such as flowers, leaves, rocks, local produce, etc. This enables them to acknowledge their surroundings and learn about their environment and a farm life. You can also take them to the nature walks to explore different plant species.

Planting Trees and Gardening

Did you know some of the best farm accommodation in Tasmania has spacious gardens and flower beds for their guests? The kids can learn the basic skills of gardening or plant a tree. So, come and stay in a farm cottage to let your little ones plant seeds, weed water plants and enjoy in kitchen garden. This is an important activity that will teach them about the life cycle of plants. Gardening is also a great way to develop responsibility and art of patience in children from an early age.

Exciting Outdoor Games

Kids can also play in the open farmland and enjoy their vacation. You can pack a badminton kit, soccer, frisbee or any other sports equipment and enjoy friendly matches with your entire family. Games like hide and seek, races, etc can keep your kids entertain and active for hours.

Get Involved in DIY Projects

This is something unique and exciting for the entire family. Many farm cottages in Tasmania offer natural materials that can be used to showcase your creativity. All you need to do is to collect flowers, leaves, stones and create natural collage and homemade bird feeders with your kids. For an extra fun, let your kids bring paintings, colours and other supplies to create fun DIY projects that they can flaunt in their school after the vacation.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best activities kids can do in a farm cottage stay. You can also come and mark your visit with your children and create lasting memories.

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